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About me

Welcome to Love Digital!

Here, at Love Digital we believe, that Digital Marketing strategy should be the main focus of all marketing activities. Being visible online can significantly impact any business, whether it is a big company or a cafe in a little village. 

Love Digital specializes in working with small business owners who simply don't need difficult Marketing decisions but don't have time and knowledge enough on how to build an online presence on their own. 

Here you'll find everything you need for successful Brand building online. From Brand building services, like Logo Design and Brand Strategy to WEB Desing & WEB Development, SEO Services, Paid Ads, Social Media Strategy, and Visual Graphics. 


Check all our marketing services and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

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SEO Services Ireland

seo services

A good SEO helps Your website to get found online, attract more customers, boost your rankings and increase your organic traffic

Web Design Ireland

web design & web development

Every business WILL WIN from having a well-designed website. Timely updated and easily readable website content is very important for every business. And not just for your reader, but also for search engines.

Graphic Design Ireland


Helping to create advertising material, eye catching banners for digital ads, like Social Media ads, Google ads. 

My Services
Designed Business Cards
LOGO Design Ireland

Logo &

Visual content is the first thing that will catch your consumers attention. Do you want to look proffesional and gain a trust? 

Even choosing a right color and font for your branding material is an important step. 


Social Media Services

social media

Social Media plays a huge role for consumer desicion either choose a company or not. High quality and enganging content on your Social media chanels may help you not just to find new consumers, but also to build a reliable brand. 

Digital Branding consultant

marketing strategy

You are a super great in business you do, and You want to focus JUST on it. You know, that there should be some marketing strategy to follow, but you don't know exactly how, when and what to do? Don't worry! We will cover you!

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What clients say

Agne helped us not just to build a stunning website, manage our SM channels, but also did a great SEO job. Not knowing nothing about it, was a HUGE help and relieve by giving it to Agne's hands.  



I'm Agnes

Here, at Love Digital, we are dedicated to growing small businesses across Ireland. If you are a start-up or small business owner who struggles with Digital Marketing strategy, I am here to help.


Working with a client, I aim to grow brand awareness and build meaningful relationships with their business audience. Having solid experience in Digital and Offline marketing, I'll guide You with the best solutions for your business marketing strategy. 


Looking for a Social Media Manager, can't define your branding strategy, or need an SEO friendly website? Then you're in the right place - let's chat. :)


If you're just about to start your business and want to focus on service/product development, all marketing activities you can lay on my shoulders. Tell me more about you and your product, and I'll help you get seen, loved, and selling.

I am Marketing Specialist, with +5 working experience.


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