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How to become visible online?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

"Well, that's so easy!" - many of you might say. It is just enough to post on social media, create a website and that's it. You are online *already*. And in some point it is true - *You are online*. But are you visible enough? Does Your potential customer can easily find you? Let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it. . . { not a coffee lover? a cup of tea sounds great as well.. 🤗}

So, today I'll cover a few basic steps every business should do in a first place.

STEP 1. Write down, who your customer is . . .

Easy as 1+1... Well, not always... But... Knowing your customer. whom you sell your service/product will help you to clarify where You need to be, how to talk , what to say, how to attract your consumer.

Haven't You done it yet? Then mark it in your calendar as a most important thing for this week.

STEP 2. Choose up to three Social Media channels

. . . Yes, up to three . . . Here comes the rule - *Quality is way better than quantity*. Knowing who your customer is, then it's easy to choose on what #socialmedia to be. If you work with businesses, then probably LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook will suit you most, if you're beauty therapist, then definitely Instagram and Facebook is what You should have. Sharing useful tips and attractive images of your works, you can easily reach ladies in your local area. If you have a food blog, then Pinterest & Instagram you just cannot skip.

Social media management service

STEP 3. Open Google My Business account

Google My business is a tool every business should have.

STEP 4. Use keywords and #hashtags

STEP 5. have website? Then def do not underestimate SEO importance for your web.

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