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Question #1 that makes a huge impact winning or losing customer

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Want to know the NUMBER ONE question that will help your small business stand out and either win or lose a customer? This is a question, the answer every business should know.

And here it is... ⁠

You have a call from a potential customer. He is about to sign up for your services but has one last question for you: “Ok, so… it’s you and one more unnamed company. I am wondering, WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND EVERYBODY ELSE?!”⁠ ⁠

... A N N N D... what is the answer you'll give here? " I am best for you because..." ⁠ The answer to this question is like a coffee in a cup of coffee ( don't think you'd like just a water and a milk.. :) ) , like a keyboard on your laptop, like a wheel on your bike. Without it you don't have a *completeness* and can't function with all capability. This is a powerful thing that you should be talking about in your business ALL THE TIME.

In fact, there are likely quite a few *incredible* things you could say after that sentence to help win that customer. ⁠And I know you know them deep down. ⁠ It could be:

your #value, your #price, your #passion, your #service, your #experience, your #quality. Something you believe in. Something you value. Who you serve. What you don't do, or do the best of the best. And here are just a couple of examples, the LIST GOES ON.

⁠ Whatever it is, I promise you that this one question will help you discover what it is. And fast. ⁠

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